in loving memory


About the Creator

My name is Rhea Kamat, and I am a freshman in college. I have always been an advocate for animal welfare and want to support the No Kill movement in Houston, Texas. My two rescued cats, Catticus and Martie, inspired me to start this project.


I created these clay figures when I was eleven years old. I never knew what to do with them until I realized I could use them to raise money for No Kill animals shelters. Thus, I combined my love of art and my love of animals into this charitable project. 

About the Creations


The No Kill movement, which aims to preserve animal lives in the most humane fashion, brings Houston, Texas closer to the ideal: a society in which animals do not suffer and are treated with equal compassion. In order to make this ideal a reality, animal shelters must receive adequate funding and resources to avoid issues, such as overcrowding, that would force them to resort to animal euthanasia as a solution. 

I created Marticus Clay to raise money through sales in order to help No Kill animal shelters, such as Houston Pets Alive! and Friends For Life, to continue to save animal lives.   

About the No Kill Movement